Ear Benefits: Detoxifies and stimulates the body's system by triggering the release of brain endorphins, the body initiates a relaxation response that helps to boost immunity and release feelings of stress and anxiety.

The benefits:

Ear Reflexology, also known as auricular therapy.

There are more than 200 nerve ending points in the ear, particularly in the ear lobes. And that is the reason why the ear is considered a potent reflexology zone.

Another factor that strongly adds to this is the proximity of the ear to the brain. The nerves in the ear are connected to different nerve centers in the brain that control various body parts.

Reflexology stimulation, signals these nerve centers to send the appropriate signal to the body parts to either heal it or ease the discomfort.

From the reflexology point, the whole body is mapped on to the ear, as seen in the figure below. In recent years, ear reflexology has become very popular.

Apart from ease of massaging it anytime and anywhere, the vast benefits that it offers have made it very popular. It eases psychological symptoms and pathological disorders with high efficiency and ease.

Some most common and proven benefits of Ear reflexology are:

  1. It strengthens the immune system
  2. It releases stress
  3. A sense of happiness prevails, and that is because of the release of endorphins.
  4. The skin becomes healthy.
  5. It improves blood circulation, and that enhances the detoxification of the body.
  6. Depression and hypertension reduce because of ear massage.
  7. The body can handle asthma and allergic situations well.
  8. It also helps de-addiction.
  9. Proper administration of reflexology therapy controls the pain almost instantly
  10. It suppresses excessive hunger, and indirectly the bodyweight is controlled.
  11. It enhances the mental skills-like sense of discrimination, perception, and short-term memory.
  12. For students and learner, it enhances the academic skills-like mental arithmetic abilities, concentration, and focus and listening comprehensions
  13. The physical skills, like breathing and energy, public speaking, and allied skills, improve.
  14. Helps with Tinnitus.

The left lobe of the ear influences the right brain and the pineal gland, and the right lobe controls the left brain and pituitary gland.

The pineal gland, though a bit mysterious in function, controls lots of hormonal secretions. The pituitary gland also regulates and administers the hormones.